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SIGWEB Awards at HT

SIGWEB delivers two awards at its annual Hypertext Conference. The Douglas Engelbart Best Paper award, and the Ted Nelson Newcomer award. It also co-sponsors with JCDLthe Vannevar Bush Best Paper award at theannual JCDL conference.

Douglas Engelbart Best Paper Award
The Douglas Engelbart Best Paper Award is given for best paper presented at the annual ACM SIGWEB Hypertext Conference. The award is named after Douglas C. Engelbart, in recognition of his life's work and contributions to the field of hypertext and hypermedia.

2008: Xiaolin Shi, Matthew Bonner, Lada Adamic and Anna Gilbert. The Very Small World of the Well-Connected

2007: m. c. schraefel. What is an analogue for the semantic web and why is having one important?

2006: Kenneth Anderson, Allan Hansen, and Niels Olof Bouvin. Templates and Queries in Contextual Hypermedia

2005: Stuart Moulthrop. What the Geeks Know: Hypertext and the Problem of Literacy

2004: David Kolb. Twin Media : Hypertext Structure Under Pressure

2003: Jocelyne Nanard, Marc Nanard and Peter King.IUHM, a hypermedia-based model for integrating open services, data and metadata

2002: E. James Whitehead, Jr. Uniform comparison of data models using containment modeling

2001: Samhaa R. El-Beltagy, Wendy Hall, David De Roure, Leslie Carr. Linking in Context

2000: Carole Goble, Simon Harper and Robert Stevens.The travails of visually impaired Web travellers.

1999: Frank M. Shipman, III, Catherine C. Marshall and Mark LeMere. Beyond Location: Hypertext Workspaces and Non-Linear Views.

1998: Catherine C. Marshall. Toward an ecology of hypertext annotation.

1997: Kaj Grønbæk, Niels Olof Bouvin and Lennert Sloth. Designing Dexter-based hypermedia services for the World Wide Web.

1996: Nitin Sawhney, David Balcom and Ian Smith.HyperCafe: narrative and aesthetic properties of hypervideo.

Ted Nelson Newcomer Award
Hypertext '99 introduced a new annual ACM SIGWEB award for the best newcomer paper presented at the annual ACM SIGWEB Hypertext Conference. Papers that are rated among the best papers overall and are written solely by authors who have never published in earlier Hypertext proceedings are eligible for the Nelson Award (affectionately named the "Teddy"). Papers authored and co-authored by members of the award committee are not eligible for an award. The award committee reserves the right to give both awards to the same paper, not to give an award, or to split an award among several papers

The award is named after Theodor H. Nelson, in recognition of his numerous contributions to the field of hypertext and hypermedia over the past 35 years. The award carries a $1,000 cash price (sponsor to be announced).

2008: Klaas Dellschaft and Steffen Staab. An Epistemic Dynamic Model for Tagging Systems

2007: Elizabeth Brown. Real users, real results: examining the limitations of learning styles within AEH

2005: J. Nathan Matias. Philadelphia Fullerine: A Case Study in Three-Dimensional Hypermedia

2004: George Buchanan, Ann Blandford, Matt Jones, Harold Thimbleby. Integrating Information Seeking and Structuring: Exploring the Role of Spatial Hypertext in a Digital Library

2003: Einat Amitay, David Carmel, Adam Darlow, Ronny Lempel, Aya Soffer. The Connectivity Sonar: Detecting Site Functionality by Structural Patterns

2002: Peter Brusilovsky and Riccardo Rizzo Map-based horizontal navigation in educational Hypertext

2001: Adrian Miles Hypertext Structure as the Event of Connection

2000: Susana Pajares Tosca. A pragmatics of links.

1999: Jill Walker. Piecing together and tearing apart: finding the story in Afternoon.


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